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Some Key Data Relevant to the Collins/Faso Amendment to the AHCA

March 24, 2017 County

A key consideration in the current fracas, but which is not part of the discussion is that the effect of Medicaid on county finances in New York is quite variable. Here are some graphics for background          

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The House of Representatives Meddling in NYS Internal Fiscals

March 22, 2017 Budget

I’m analyzing NYS options if the AHCA becomes law including the amendment pushed by Congressmen Collins and Faso. I’ll post that later today. For some context and history, it will be useful to read this post from five years ago. Note that the number in the earlier post is $8 billion while the estimated effect […]

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Latest Medicaid Enrollment Data

January 12, 2017 Data

We’ve updated our visualized Medicaid enrollment data. These data run through May of 2016.

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Updated New York Medicaid Enrollment Data

October 25, 2016 Uncategorized

Visualized Medicaid enrollment trends, by health plan (and fee-for-service) along with mix by demographic characteristics

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Property Taxes in New York, Outside NYC

January 21, 2015 Economics

Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York in his combined State of the State and Budget Address, January 21, 2015. “When people complain about high taxes in New York, they’re talking about the property tax.” OK, how much, for what and where? Mostly schools and secondarily counties. These data are for over 3,200 local governments outside […]

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Debt Markers for Selected Upstate NYS Cities

January 19, 2015 Budget

Continuing the discussion regarding the City of Albany, one of the participants was concerned about debt and the potential for taking on excess amounts. That’s always a legitimate concern. So I ran some comparisons. In the first, for selected cities in New York, you’ll see a really good indicator. That is debt service (principle and interest) as […]

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Don’t Spend it All in One Place

January 8, 2015 Medicaid

Dennis Yusko reports in today’s Times Union that the NYS Department of Health is offering to “settle” 5,707 rate appeals with county nursing homes. Some of the appeals go back to 1995. Specifically, what this refers to are the results, the technical methods, and facility-specific data used in calculations, by which the Department of Health […]

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Variation, Always Variation

December 22, 2014 County

Was running some quick numbers this morning and generated the attached graphic. By State Fiscal Year, it shows the percent change in sales tax distributions by the New York State Department of Tax and Finance to each county outside New York City. The data are indexed with each year showing the percent change from the […]

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The (Slowly) Shifting Center of Gravity in Healthcare

October 2, 2014 Health Care

A friend sent me an article from Crain’s on New York’s DSRIP program. (Here’s a related DSRIP article, this one from Modern Healthcare.) I think his query was largely, though not entirely, from a hospital perspective. And in return, I sent him this one from Health Leaders on the expansion of new health care businesses.  And then, […]

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New Tool to Aid New York’s Medicaid Managed Long Term Care Plans

April 28, 2014 Dashboard

Faced with the challenge of a very expensive Medicaid program, New York chose to dramatically reform it. A key element of the reform is moving Medicaid long-term care patients, including nursing home patients, into managed care plans, especially managed long-term care plans (MLTC). A key element of the new policy is that MLTCs need not have […]

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