Perhaps If They’d Owned Their Own Homework in the First Place

September 20, 2012 County Government

Another quote of the day. Mine. Pretty obnoxious, huh? In this case, the day was March 20, 2012. this is what I said when the Albany County Legislature first became aware of the projected costs for a new nursing home that their own leadership had submitted to the State as part of a certificate of […]

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Quotes of the Day on the Albany County Nursing Home

September 20, 2012 County Government

A couple of reactions to the latest Albany County attempt to build a new nursing home. Perhaps we’ll get into details later, but the only real change from the last version of the County’s application to the latest revision is an increased revenue estimate because they think the managed long-term care changes the State is […]

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Data and Stories; Stories and Data

September 16, 2012 Data

Quote of the day from Brene Brown: Stories are just data with a soul. And more personal stuff in a 20 minutes on Youtube talk, such as on vulnerability, along with research observations.

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Today’s Quote of the Day is About a Monkey, Politics and Democracy

August 24, 2012 Governance

Oddly enough, today’s quote of the day is about a macaque monkey that’s been running loose in Tampa, FL. And no, this is not about the upcoming Republican convention, to be held in Tampa. But it is about governance and democracy and finding ways to accommodate ourselves to others, including other primates, it’s from Jon […]

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Other People’s Money

May 16, 2012 Economics

The journalist character, Melissa Tregarthen in Justin Cartwright’s, Other People’s Money: “I am a number,” she writes. “I am a statistic. I am a sacrifice on the altar of the free market. I have no power, except the power of words.” This is immediately after being given the “chop,” being laid off.

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Boston Marathon is “Not a Race …”

April 16, 2012 Uncategorized

“… It is an experience.” New York Times on today’s Boston Marathon being run in unseasonably high temperatures. Organizers are actively discouraging many runners not to participate, but wait until next year. For the overwhelming majority of those who have entered to participate in the 2012 Boston Marathon, you should adopt the attitude that this […]

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Scrupulously Accurate and Rarely Honest

April 11, 2012 Uncategorized

Today’s Quote of the Day is from Rep. John Yarmuth (D-KY) on Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) I’ve known Mitch for 40 years,” said Yarmuth. “We were political allies at one point. I was a Republican ‘til 1985. In recent years, as I’ve said publicly before, he has a considerable knack for being scrupulously […]

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Tiptoe Through the Tulips

April 10, 2012 County Government

Hat tip to the usually sober Richard Mendick, Albany County Legislator (C, R – Selkirk) for today’s quote of the day. One of the provisions in the resolution establishing Charter Review Commission for Albany County prohibits elected officials to serve. Judging by last night’s chaotic debate over the resolution, the resolution was evidently not well […]

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“Everything Has Changed.” Albany County Gets to Try Again, but the Bar Will be Even Higher

April 6, 2012 County Government

“Everything has changed.” Well, New York’s Public Health & Health Planning Council did not reject the Albany County Nursing Home application. As predicted here yesterday, they deferred it. But the Committee still heard testimony both for and against the application and they discussed it at some length. However in the vote of the Establishment and […]

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Wyckoff Heights, New York State, the PPACA, and the Supreme Court: What’s the Connection?

March 26, 2012 Economics

Yesterday in Once Again, Why Universal Coverge, I re-wrote what I written in 2005 and in other terms, even earlier: Because we take the half-step of expecting the healthcare system to provide care to all, but don’t go all the way, we have instead a hidden and half-baked system. The lack of universal coverage provides […]

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