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Some Final Numbers on the Albany County Nursing Home

March 23, 2013 Accounting

We’re in the end game regarding the Albany County Nursing Home (ACNH). As I’ll lay out in another post shortly, when the key numbers are votes … But in this post, we’ll dispense with some bogus, and seriously misleading, numbers that advocates of keeping the Nursing Home open have been throwing around the last month […]

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Two New York Counties Proceed With Unburdening Themselves of Nursing Homes

March 22, 2013 County Government

Yesterday, the Committee that reviews certificate-of-need applications for the NYS Public Health and Health Planning Council approved the applications that would move two county nursing homes to private ownership. Alice Hyde Hospital, in Malone will be building a new larger nursing home combining their current capacity with that of the Franklin County Nursing Home, which […]

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The Albany Times-Union is Correct

December 4, 2012 Audit

In an editorial today, Mr. Conners’ outrageous idea, the Times-Union pointedly says that the County Comptroller should not be given subpoena power. They are correct. Very. Much of the TU’s reasoning is based on Conners’ release of personal information earlier this year, which included Social Security Numbers. After that debacle, I wrote, Conners Knew His […]

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NY Counties Sharing Sales Tax Revenue With Cities & Towns

December 3, 2012 Cities

There’s a little Albany debate going on on Twitter right now about which counties share more of their sales tax revenue with local cities, towns and villages. It’s part of the lead in to what’s likely to be a contentious meeting of the Albany County Legislature. Simultaneously, a couple members of the City of Albany’s […]

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Friday Afternoon Rant Supplement

November 30, 2012 CAFR

At the risk of prolonging the agony – for myself and readers of my most recent Friday afternoon rant, here are a couple of extras to further the point that counties charging cities, towns and villages, for Community College tuition is a political dodge, but likely one that will lead to even higher taxes. The […]

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Unfunded Mandate? A Bad Idea Unless We Should Do That Ourselves

November 30, 2012 Budget

Of late, I’ve been trying to avoid Albany County issues. But sometimes, you just can’t. We’re now looking at a backdoor property tax increase by Albany County – and even with that, the County would not be able to stay within the property tax cap. The latest is that a group of Democrats are withholding […]

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Albany County: Working Hard to Make it Harder for the Public to Understand its Budget

November 3, 2012 Budget

The past several years, Albany County made its tentative (proposed) budget available online, not only in a readable format (PDF), but in a format (Excel) that the public and occasional legislators could actually do calculations with. No more. When the County Executive’s Tentative Budget was released last month, the PDF documents were posted online, but […]

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Finally Selling the Albany County Nursing Home?

October 9, 2012 County Government

Referring to the Albany County Nursing Home, back in February, we said, “Sell it Now!” So if New York does the right thing and tells Albany County that no, they cannot build a new money-losing nursing home, what happens next? And before the State acts, if the odds are say 50/50 or higher that the […]

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Before Heading Off on Another Fool’s Errand, Perhaps Looking at the Last One’s Results Would be Worthwhile

September 26, 2012 County Government

As Albany County Legislators and others get themselves into another tizzy about the Albany County Nursing Home, it’s worth a quick review of the discussion at the PHHPC Committee meeting last week before their unanimous vote to disapprove the County’s certificate of need application. Some may be ready to accept the cover that the State […]

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League of Women Voters Event on Home & Community Based Long Term Care in Albany County, NY

September 25, 2012 Long Term Care

The League’s Notice: LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS OF ALBANY COUNTY Choosing to Stay at Home Participate in a discussion about long term care (e.g., home care and other support services) designed to help Albany county residents remain in their homes. Ask questions of long term care professionals and voice your thoughts about improving long term […]

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