Tax Cap

Unfunded Mandate? A Bad Idea Unless We Should Do That Ourselves

November 30, 2012 Budget

Of late, I’ve been trying to avoid Albany County issues. But sometimes, you just can’t. We’re now looking at a backdoor property tax increase by Albany County – and even with that, the County would not be able to stay within the property tax cap. The latest is that a group of Democrats are withholding […]

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New York County Property Tax Increases for 2012 & Other Budget Notes, Update 1

December 7, 2011 Budget

The results are beginning to come in on New York’s county budgets for 2012. Got a long way to go, but figured to start posting rather than wait for a more complete report. Albany 8.7 percent increase ($6,572,032) to $81,971,723. This is 19.5 percent increase in three years. Set stage for pay increase for legislators […]

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Tax Cap Office Pool

December 2, 2011 Budget

Office pool open on which local government budgets will have the highest property tax increases in 2012: By category City (excluding New York City) Town County Overall $25 for the winner in each category. $50 for the overall winner. (Hey, it’s coming out of my pocket and I’m among the 99 percent.) Ties will share […]

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Sales Tax Increase Flops for Saratoga; They Go for Property Tax Increase and Cuts

November 19, 2011 Budget

As expected, key members of the State Senate, told Saratoga County officials not to plan on a local sales tax increase (which requires permission from the State Legislature and Governor), to balance the County budget. It was unlikely from the beginning. The State approved extensions of existing taxes during the current year, but approved no […]

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Left Hand, Meet Right Hand

November 15, 2011 Budget

It appears that this coming Thursday, New York State will bless the construction of a new Albany County Nursing Home. I wrote a bit about it a couple weeks ago when County Legislators began to talk privately about their hopes that the State would take them off the hook and disapprove the application. On the […]

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Too Conservative for Their Own Good?

November 14, 2011 Budget

Good grief! Historically, Saratoga County, NY has been among the financially tightest in New York. When we wrote about Nassau County being consistently on the high side of spending per capita among New York’s county governments, we could also see that Saratoga was on the low side. In particular, you can see a graphic view […]

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