April 7, 2017 Analysis

Hey, data mavens: Jealous?

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The Militarization of the US Police – The Data

September 18, 2014 Defense

I had downloaded the data on distribution of surplus military equipment to local law enforcement agencies and started to work with it, but Greorge Gorczynskid did a very nice job in beating me to it. Here is his data visualization of The Militarization of US Police. Take a look at it. Gorczynskid’s work was done using Tableau […]

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New Tool to Aid New York’s Medicaid Managed Long Term Care Plans

April 28, 2014 Dashboard

Faced with the challenge of a very expensive Medicaid program, New York chose to dramatically reform it. A key element of the reform is moving Medicaid long-term care patients, including nursing home patients, into managed care plans, especially managed long-term care plans (MLTC). A key element of the new policy is that MLTCs need not have […]

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Nursing Home Problems Visualized Nationally

October 18, 2013 Dashboard

John Kelly of USA Today and Emily Le Coz of the Jackson (Miss) Clarion-Ledger on USA Today have done an exemplary job of using the latest in data visualization technology to display and enable interactive exploration of nursing home problems. Take a look here! Note the interactivity. Be sure to look at each of the […]

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Enhancing Our NYS Interactive Budget Visualization

January 28, 2013 Budget

We’ve added some new screens to our interactive visualization of the New York State Budget. You’ll find two new screens showing historical change by functions and a screen that shows the estimated current and proposed levels of full-time equivalent employees. Next up? Adding receipts/revenues and some other functionality. And most important, from time-to-time, we’ll actually […]

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Opening New York’s Budget

January 24, 2013 Budget

We recently congratulated Governor Cuomo for his promoting data transparency in his State of the State message. Little did we know how quickly his administration was moving to actually take concrete steps to make it so. Yesterday’s Budget showed us not only that his commitment was serious, but that the staff of the State Division […]

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Happiness is a Positive Cash Flow. What’s the Cost of Ignorance?

April 23, 2012 Cash

Unhappiness is a negative cash flow. Even worse is not knowing what your cash position is. For the past year, I’ve been submitting Freedom of Information (FOIL) requests to Albany County, getting their cash position each week. I’ve been using the data to prototype some displays of public data. It’s not cash flow, but rather […]

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Follow up on Cash Dashboard

February 23, 2012 Cash

Couple of tweaks I’ll be adding to the Cash Dashboard when I get a chance: To track and project cash from a more “organic” perspective, I’ll do a calculated field and display it excluding the borrowed cash from the Tax Anticipation Note (TAN). Though, I haven’t decided on the best means of projection, I’ll some […]

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Which Might be the Better Cash Dashboard?

February 23, 2012 Cash

My on-again, off-again posting is mostly the result of some prototyping and developing analytical tools and visualizations I’m doing with public data. Some are broader, more-policy focused. Others are more nitty-gritty operational. Here are two PDFs of a dashboard I’m working on for that most nitty-gritty of subjects, cash. Here’s an earlier post on its […]

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