Supreme Court

And the Shoes Will be on Other Feet

April 6, 2017 Congress

The US Senate changed their rules today, requiring only a simple majority to end debate over Supreme Court nominations. This so-called “nuclear option” reduced the votes required from 60 percent plus one to 50 percent plus one. The change was accompanied by much drama.  It’s probably fair to assume that a similar change will come […]

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Final Thoughts on the ACA Before the Supreme Court Decision is Announced

June 27, 2012 Democrat

Like most, I’ve done my tea-leaf reading. If we were sitting around over coffee or beer, I’d speculate with you on what the Supreme Court will announce tomorrow as its decision on the Affordable Care Act, health care reform. I won’t here. It’s pointless and there are thousands who’ve already covered that ground. I will […]

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Once Again, The Argument Against Single Payer

March 27, 2012 Federal Government

Even while supporting universal coverage, I wrote and posted arguments against a single-payer system in June, 2005. At some point, I would expect that link to become inactive, so I’ve copied it below in its entirety. Though I might tinker with a couple of minor things, for the moment I’ll leave it as originally written. […]

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Today in the Supreme Court

March 26, 2012 Medicaid

From today’s Supreme Court deliberations on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), here’s a sampler of some news and analysis. Here’s Adam Liptak from the New York Times, Justices Hear Argument That Health Case is Premature. For a different perspective, read Henry J. Aaron, a distinguished healthcare economist from the Brookings Institution. Here […]

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Universal Coverage, “Obamacare,” and the Supreme Court

March 25, 2012 Federal Government

Be careful what you wish for. Coming up this week will be extensive, multi-day arguments before the US Supreme Court on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), labeled derisively by the right as “Obamacare” and perhaps increasing embraced by the Left as “Obamacare.” As Vice President Biden said at the signing ceremony, “this […]

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