Property Tax

Property Taxes in New York, Outside NYC

January 21, 2015 Economics

Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York in his combined State of the State and Budget Address, January 21, 2015. “When people complain about high taxes in New York, they’re talking about the property tax.” OK, how much, for what and where? Mostly schools and secondarily counties. These data are for over 3,200 local governments outside […]

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Friday Afternoon Rant Supplement

November 30, 2012 CAFR

At the risk of prolonging the agony – for myself and readers of my most recent Friday afternoon rant, here are a couple of extras to further the point that counties charging cities, towns and villages, for Community College tuition is a political dodge, but likely one that will lead to even higher taxes. The […]

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Are You Kidding Me? No Property Taxes at All?

May 29, 2012 Property Taxes

North Dakota is considering … voting on a Constitutional amendment … abolishing property taxes. I say go for it. Leave the place to wingnuts and survivalists. Those with IQs, both intellectual and social, above mediocre and anyone who prefers that their children be educated will flee. The Center for Budget and Policy Priorities has a […]

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Albany County Budget Vetoes Would Increase (Not Decrease) Property Taxes

December 13, 2011 Budget

Albany County Executive Michael Breslin, with just a couple weeks to go before his 16 year tenure ends, has issued a series of unusual budget vetoes. These may be his most significant budget vetoes ever and they certainly are within the past half-dozen years, but there’s a twist. They would lead to increased property taxes […]

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Genesse County, NY Budget History

December 7, 2011 Budget

Going back to 1991, Genesee County, NY has a nice history of its key overall budget figures here. In Firefox, the table runs off the side of the browser page, but it works fine in the latest versions of Chrome and Safari. I didn’t check it with Internet Explorer. In any case, it’s readable. It […]

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New York County Property Tax Increases for 2012 & Other Budget Notes, Update 1

December 7, 2011 Budget

The results are beginning to come in on New York’s county budgets for 2012. Got a long way to go, but figured to start posting rather than wait for a more complete report. Albany 8.7 percent increase ($6,572,032) to $81,971,723. This is 19.5 percent increase in three years. Set stage for pay increase for legislators […]

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Tax Cap Office Pool

December 2, 2011 Budget

Office pool open on which local government budgets will have the highest property tax increases in 2012: By category City (excluding New York City) Town County Overall $25 for the winner in each category. $50 for the overall winner. (Hey, it’s coming out of my pocket and I’m among the 99 percent.) Ties will share […]

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Sales Tax Increase Flops for Saratoga; They Go for Property Tax Increase and Cuts

November 19, 2011 Budget

As expected, key members of the State Senate, told Saratoga County officials not to plan on a local sales tax increase (which requires permission from the State Legislature and Governor), to balance the County budget. It was unlikely from the beginning. The State approved extensions of existing taxes during the current year, but approved no […]

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Too Conservative for Their Own Good?

November 14, 2011 Budget

Good grief! Historically, Saratoga County, NY has been among the financially tightest in New York. When we wrote about Nassau County being consistently on the high side of spending per capita among New York’s county governments, we could also see that Saratoga was on the low side. In particular, you can see a graphic view […]

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