Long Term Care

Nursing Home Problems Visualized Nationally

October 18, 2013 Dashboard

John Kelly of USA Today and Emily Le Coz of the Jackson (Miss) Clarion-Ledger on USA Today have done an exemplary job of using the latest in data visualization technology to display and enable interactive exploration of nursing home problems. Take a look here! Note the interactivity. Be sure to look at each of the […]

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What Would You Do? What Should We Do? What Could We Do with Different Care & Support Systems? A Case to Think About

October 1, 2012 Home Care

Paula Hemmings is a nurse, now retired from the Veteran’s Administration (VA). She was the Care Line Director for Geriatrics and Long Term care for Upstate New York VA Healthcare systems. Here’s her take We had five nursing homes and very little community care. You can imagine the veteran outcry when I started to close […]

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League of Women Voters Event on Home & Community Based Long Term Care in Albany County, NY

September 25, 2012 Long Term Care

The League’s Notice: LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS OF ALBANY COUNTY Choosing to Stay at Home Participate in a discussion about long term care (e.g., home care and other support services) designed to help Albany county residents remain in their homes. Ask questions of long term care professionals and voice your thoughts about improving long term […]

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Managed Long Term Care and the Implications for Public Nursing Homes

June 12, 2012 County Government

As we discussed earlier, New York (and many other states) is moving its Medicaid policy toward managed long-term care. Here’s an excerpt of what we wrote earlier: First, the State finally decided to bring the rest of the Medicaid population into some form of capitated, case-managed care. When the State originally imposed mandatory managed care […]

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Other NYS County Nursing Homes Being Sold

June 6, 2012 Budget

Despite intense objections, the Essex County, NY Board of Supervisors has voted 12-6 to sell its nursing home, Horace Nye. The 100 bed facility loses about $2 million per year. The sale price is $4.05 million. Essex County is also seeking an increase in its sales tax rate (from 3.75 to 4.0 percent). Mere coincidence? […]

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Bits & Pieces

March 16, 2012 Economics

Today’s Grab Bag More “Winner Take All” Economics Sports star economics comes to the law profession. Dewey & LeBoeuf, the result of a 2007 merger of Dewey Ballantine and LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene & MacRae. Star economics was the subject of Robert Frank’s 1995 book, the Winner Take All Society. Frank’s argument was that partly because […]

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In My Next Life I Want to be a Cartoonist!

March 14, 2012 County Government

John De Rosier just said in one picture what I and many others have spent thousands of words on. Here’s betting that this picture represents a turning point. Go look now!!! Still laughing.

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What Will the Client Transition from Fee-for-Service to Managed Long Term Care Look Like?

December 20, 2011 Forecasting

We’ve already talked a little bit about how New York is undertaking a fundamental change in its Medicaid program. Similar changes are underway in many states. As part of this change, Medicaid clients in long term care are being transitioned from fee-for-service programs to various forms of managed care, including managed long term care. How […]

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Home Care Workers to be Assured of Minimum Wage, Overtime and Pay for Travel Time

December 15, 2011 Federal Government

SInce 1974, based on their characterization as “companions,” much like babysitters, home care workers have been exempt from provisions of Federal Labor Law regarding minimum wages, overtime and travel time. Evelyn Coke, a home care worker Long Island sued her employer regarding these, ultimately her case reached the US Supreme Court. (Here’s a video from […]

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