Ah, the happiness of positive cash.

Cash Balances


These dashboards provide an overview of the weekly cash position of Albany County, New York. The County’s financial management systems, both organizational and technical are inadequate to monitor cash flows and the County is unusually dependent on sales tax, Federal Aid and State Aid, all of which can be volatile, so the County began assessing its position on the Friday of every week.

Particularly, during the recent “Great Recession” these data were essential. As the patterns during most any year have been historically consistent, one could assess the County’s position for the same week in prior years and observe the trends in those positions. Historically that work was done with spreadsheets which were time consuming to keep up to date and to distribute.

For a sense of scale, in recent years, the County’s budget has typically been in the $500-$600 million range.


  1. Emphasis here is on the general fund, which is the least restricted and which is used for most purposes.
  2. TAN refers to tax anticipation notes, that is borrowing to smooth out the cash within a fiscal year. In some displays, the borrowed cash is not shown.
  3. Since the data were collected consistently on the same day of the week (Friday), there are some years that have 51 and some that have 53 rather than 52 weeks. In years in which there are only 51 weeks, the last data point will appear as a zero.