Variation, Always Variation

by John W Rodat on December 22, 2014

Was running some quick numbers this morning and generated the attached graphic.

By State Fiscal Year, it shows the percent change in sales tax distributions by the New York State Department of Tax and Finance to each county outside New York City. The data are indexed with each year showing the percent change from the first year (as opposed to the prior year). From the receiving end, it shows percent change in county sale and use tax revenue from SFY 2003 to each year after. 

The data simply reflect actual funds and are not adjusted for changes in sales tax rates. As can be seen, the largest percent change came in Oswego County. Though not labeled, the second largest, was Jefferson County. I’ll put an interactive version online later. The lowest was Albany County, which is particularly problematic since Albany is also especially dependent on sales tax revenues. Also unlabeled, the second lowest, was Ulster County.

From start to finish, there’s more than a six-fold difference from the lowest to the highest. That’s always worth exploring.

I’ll put up an interactive version later.



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