Some Key Data Relevant to the Collins/Faso Amendment to the AHCA

March 24, 2017 County

A key consideration in the current fracas, but which is not part of the discussion is that the effect of Medicaid on county finances in New York is quite variable. Here are some graphics for background          

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The House of Representatives Meddling in NYS Internal Fiscals

March 22, 2017 Budget

I’m analyzing NYS options if the AHCA becomes law including the amendment pushed by Congressmen Collins and Faso. I’ll post that later today. For some context and history, it will be useful to read this post from five years ago. Note that the number in the earlier post is $8 billion while the estimated effect […]

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Two County Nursing Homes Sold in NJ

April 21, 2016 County

Monmouth County, NJ has sold two nursing homes for a total price of $32.2 million. Sold by auction were the 174 bed John L. Montgomery Care Center in Freehold to the Allaire Healthcare Group and the 135 bed Geraldine L. Thompson Care Center in Wall Township to Preferred Care Holdings

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Another County Nursing Home in NYS is Being Sold

April 21, 2016 Adult Day Health Care

With a relative minimum of fuss, Genesee County, NY is finalizing the sale of its nursing home. Final State approval of the transfer is on the agenda. The sale includes the 160 bed skilled nursing facility (SNF), 13 slots for adult day health care, and an 80 bed assisted living facility.  Sale price is $15.2 […]

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More on Variability in Change in Sales Tax Receipts for NYS Counties

December 22, 2014 County

Here’s more detail regarding the last post. It shows percent change in sales tax receipts from NYS Tax and Finance, rank ordered by percent change from SFY 2003 to 2014.

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Variation, Always Variation

December 22, 2014 County

Was running some quick numbers this morning and generated the attached graphic. By State Fiscal Year, it shows the percent change in sales tax distributions by the New York State Department of Tax and Finance to each county outside New York City. The data are indexed with each year showing the percent change from the […]

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NPR Notices the Fading County Nursing Homes in NYS

August 17, 2012 County

National Public Radio does a story on New York’s counties getting out of the nursing home business. Click here for text and sound.

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Albany County Invited Everyone to a Nursing Home Party but No One’s Coming?

August 4, 2012 County

We’ve been waiting for Albany County to reveal what responses they got to their RFP’s regarding sale or management of the Albany County Nursing Home. The Times-Union grew impatient and filed a FOIL request. Here’s the TU’s story on what they learned. There were no bids to buy the facility and only one bid to […]

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We’re Back. But the County Nursing Home Issue Never Left

August 3, 2012 County

Well, I tried to take a vacation … While I was away, a friend tracked me down. He’s analyzing what a specific county (not to be named here) might and should do with their nursing home. A couple of things came up. The first and most interesting was the number of patients who had been […]

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Big Credit Downgrades Can Say Two Things, One About the Rated, One About the Rating Agency

May 10, 2012 County

Paul Greaves on Twitter on the Moody’s downgrade from A2 to Baa3 of Rockland County, NY: Fundamental problem with super downgrades like Rockland County – investors buy munis for capital preservation, diversity and stability. Greaves is right. But where do abrupt downgrades come from? Either something abruptly changed in financial condition of the organization being […]

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