We Have a New Candidate for Humpty Dumpty

by John W Rodat on March 21, 2012

We said here that it seemed that the leadership of the Albany County Legislature was trying to cover their tracks by confusing everyone. Are they succeeding? Here’s the latest story from the Times Union.

We’ll get to the substance later, but at least the State Health Department isn’t buying what Shawn Morse is selling:

What’s more, a spokesman for the Health Department, Peter Constantakes, said it took the $26 million figure from the legislature’s own certificate of need application, signed by then-Chairman McCoy, who has since been elected county executive.

“It was signed off by the county legislature,” Constantakes said, adding that the county could have amended the budget after the application was submitted in late 2010.

While we’ll likely return to this story later, we just couldn’t pass up on a candidate for quote of the day. It’s from Gary Domalewicz, Chairman of the Albany County Legislature’s Nursing Home Facilities Committee in the Times Union:

Legislator Gary Domalewicz, an Albany Democrat and chairman of the Nursing Home Facilities Committee, cautioned that the legislature’s signing off on the application is not the same as endorsing the accuracy of the loss figure contained in it, which was prepared by an outside consultant.

Ah, the words just roll off the tongue and what? Dribble off into the sewer? “The legislature’s signing off on the application is not the same as endorsing the accuracy of the loss figure contained in it …”

Signing off on a document does not mean signing off on what’s in the document? Then what does it mean Mr. Domalewicz? Nothing. It means when you attest to something it means nothing. We should keep this in mind.

You’ll all understand why this quote from Andrew Lewis Carroll’s, Alice in Wonderland, comes to mind.

Humpty Dumpty: “When I use a word it means just what I choose it to mean neither more nor less.”

Alice: “The question is whether you can make words mean so many different things.”

Humpty Dumpty: “The question is which is to be master that’s all.”

Of course, we remember what happened to Humpty, don’t we?

Last November, another candidate for Humpty Dumpty was Shawn Morse. It’s probably no accident that he’s involved in this mess too.

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Bill Ricard March 21, 2012 at 6:43 pm

How Can We Not Help The Elderly In their Time of Need?

Senior Helpers Inc. is a small business, which services the needs of the senior population in the client’s home. In this capacity, we constantly see individuals who unfortunately can’t remain in their own home. In addition, due to financial constraints some of these individuals can’t afford to live in a private care facility. As a result, we were intrigued to hear that Albany County was considering building a new Nursing Home for its’ citizenry.

It’s clear that the current facility is outdated, and not in sync with modern geriatric care methodology. What is troubling is that several consultants, who have been hired to study this endeavor, reported in their findings that the County taxpayers would shoulder a burden of over 26 million dollars in operating losses per year once this facility is operational. On the same token, several elected officials in Albany County said they don’t know where those figures came from and/or if a new nursing home is built they don’t know specifically what it would cost the taxpayers?

To that extent, we can’t believe that anyone would actually consider (especially in light of today’s economic climate and the Governor’s Property Tax Cap of 2%) moving forward with this project when they have no definitive idea of what it’s going to cost the taxpayers of the County. This would be the equivalent of a homeowner buying a home, and not knowing if they could afford the payment on it until after they have moved into the property.

It’s are belief that Albany County clearly does not meet the Public Health Law certificate of need standard of “financial feasibility” at this time. In turn, we would hope that the New York State Department of Health considers delaying any final decision on the merits of a new facility until such time that the elected officials involved in this process can come up with an exact cost of the projected operating losses moving forward.

We believe that the Citizenry of Albany County has an obligation to help out the elderly in their time of need. How this is achieved without causing an undue burden on the financial stability of Albany County in the future is the subject of debate…

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